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Muskoka Pooch Pet Kids Hoodie

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Muskoka Pooch Kids Pet Hoodie

Are your kid and their pet inseparable? Muskoka Pooch Kids pet hoodie is perfect for them!  A unique pouch design, this hoodie allows your child to snuggle their fur baby and bring it anywhere they go. Your kid—and their pet—will absolutely love this cozy hoodie!

Let your kid bring their pet anywhere.

Your kid no longer has to feel bad about leaving their pet behind. Thanks to the Muskoka Pooch Kids Pet Hoodie, they can go out together and conveniently. Designed for kids this hoodie has a pouch perfect for a pet weighing eight pounds and below. Kids will love to carry their four-legged friends around! And even if they don’t go out, they can wear this hoodie to cuddle with their pet while hanging out at home.

As a parent, you’ll also love this hoodie. It’s made from the highest-quality fleece material, so it feels soft and warm for your kid and pet. The material is eco-friendly, too. We’ve created this hoodie sustainably to ensure it has a minimal impact on the environment..

Quick product features:

  • A kid’s hoodie with a pouch design specifically made for carrying a small pet.
  • Made from top-quality fleece material to keep the wearer & the pet warm and cozy.
  • Sustainably made to ensure minimal impact on the environment.
  • Highly durable and fashionable
  • Can be worn inside or outdoors.
  • Can be easily machine-washed.
  • Kid sizes: YS to YXL  
  • Designed for kids. 
  • Available in two colours: red and black

Child model is wearing YL - 10 yrs old 80lbs. Make your child and pet happy with this Muskoka Pooch Youth Pet Hoodie. Order now!


Disclaimer: Please do not leave your pet unattended, a responsible pet parent should always be present. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Annie L.

Beautiful hoodie excellent quality and I love that the pouch comes out to wash it. That's a pretty cool feature.
I will buy more in near future.

Gina G.

This hoodie is PERFECT!!! Warm and well crafted. Cool logo and exactly the right size. Thanks a zillion:)

Mary D.

Bought this for my niece and she hasn’t taken it off. She carries her kitten around and really gets a kick out of it. Great purchase and win for this auntie .

Joanne L.

I bought this at the pet expo over the weekend and not only did I buy an excellent gift for my son, the customer service lady was helpful and friendly! Highly recommend the quality is fantastic.


By far the best investment! Muskoka Pooch did it sooo good! Lola has huge separation anxiety! This hoodie solved all our problems! Now me and Lola can go out together without a worry in the world. She gets to be warm and snuggled in the pouch of the sweater, and i wont have to miss her leaving her behind at home. Definitely a win win! 100% recommend this hoodie to all the pet mommies and daddies who dont like to leave there fur baby at home❤️ Soo in love with my new hoodie!!

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