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Muskoka Pooch Pet Youth Hoodie

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Muskoka Pooch Youth Pet Hoodie - Muskoka Pooch

Are your kid and their pet inseparable? This Muskoka Pooch Youth Pet Hoodie is perfect for them! With a unique pouch design, this hoodie allows your child to snuggle their furbaby and bring it anywhere they go. Your kid—and their pet—will absolutely love this cozy hoodie!

Let your kid bring their pet anywhere.

Your kid no longer has to feel bad about leaving their pet behind. Thanks to the Muskoka Pooch Youth Pet Hoodie, they can go out together cozily and conveniently. Designed for kids aged eight to 16, this hoodie has a pouch perfect for a pet weighing eight pounds and below. Your child or teen can carry their four-legged friend around! And even if they don’t go out, they can wear this hoodie to cuddle with their pet while hanging out at home.

As a parent, you’ll also love this hoodie. It’s made from the highest-quality fleece material, so it feels soft and warm for your kid and pet. The material is eco-friendly, too. We’ve created this hoodie sustainably to ensure it has a minimal impact on the environment. How to care for this hoodie? You can simply machine-wash it. We don’t, however, recommend putting it in the dryer to preserve the quality of the vinyl print on the sleeves.

Quick product features:

  • A kid’s hoodie with a pouch design specifically made for carrying a small pet.
  • Made from top-quality fleece material to keep the wearer & the pet warm and cozy
  • Sustainably made to ensure minimal impact on the environment
  • Highly durable and fashionable
  • Can be worn inside or outdoors
  • Can be easily machine-washed
  • Kid sizes: YS to YXL - order up if you want a looser fit . 
  • Designed for kids aged eight to 16
  • Available in two colors: red and black
  • The pouch is specifically designed for pets weighing 8 lbs and below.

Child model is wearing YL - 10 yrs old 90lbs. Make your child and pet happy with this Muskoka Pooch Youth Pet Hoodie. Order now!

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