Muskoka Pooch

Muskoka Pooch Pet Sleeveless Hoodie

$69.95 $84.95

Paw Print Hoodie Sleeveless

New Sleeveless Pet Hoodie is back! 

Limited Edition - Limited Stock available

We’ve got the ideal solution for you, with the Muskoka Pooch Sleeveless Hoodie. The unique design allows you to be comfortable in your clothing, while leaving space for your four-legged friend to cuddle up next to you.

You keep all the accessibility and have somewhere for your four-pawed pal. 

With eco-friendly material, we’ve ensured that our clothing has a minimal impact on the environment. We’ve created it in a sustainable way, so we can keep our planet safe for future generations.

✔ Cuddle your small pet around the house
✔ Enjoy a nice walk or hike with your pet snug in the pet pocket- camping and boating made easier with our hoodie.
✔ Proven to help ease pets anxiety 
✔ Highest quality terry fleece material that feels soft and warm for both you and your pet
✔ Highly durable, fashionable and functional

✔️ Easily machine washed 

Now available in grey, teal, black

True Fit Size - XS- 2XL- 97% of our customer's report sizing is accurate.  3XL is available by preorder only 

The pouch size is about an inch deeper than the long sleeve.13-14 inch deep.  

Measurements note- Chest measure 1” below armhole across.

We recommend pet weight be 12 Lbs and under.  

Disclaimer: Buyer is fully responsible for their pet's safety and should never leave their pet unattended in the pouch.

Quality matters to us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Debbie Ross (Aurora, CA)

A family affair! The best sleeveless summer hoodie, EVER!🩵🩶 My husband and I have the winter long sleeve one, and now we both have the summer sleeveless one. This product is designed so well, it washes and comes out like brand new again. Muskoka pooch is my to go place. CeCe blue agrees.!🩷

Heidi Henry (Los Angeles, US)
Perfect for Warm Weather

Living in Arizona it's hot, so we've always had to pass on pouch hoodie options. When we saw the sleeveless design we had to snag a few. These are perfect! Lightweight but high quality. We love the color options and extended sizing, have already ordered two, have gifted another, and will likely purchase more. Highly recommend.

Debbie Ross (Aurora, CA)
Love my Muskoka pooch!🩵

I can’t say enough positive things about the quality, the comfort, and the fit of the Muskoka pooch hoodies, winter and now the summer one! (and sweat pants.) Not to mention how the puppies that it was designed for just love it. I know mine does. She lives in hers. AND so does my husband. Lol.🤣 I am so impressed with this product. I would recommend it to anyone who has a small enough dog, cat, or for that matter, any other animal that would fit into one. The best invention EVER! As for the price, I think they’re under priced. I would pay much more for mine if I had to. Hats off to you Muskoka pooch.🫶🏻

Tammy Q.

Great same quality as the other one but this one is absolutely perfect for the summer 😎

Sue P.

Sure. I am so pleased with my new sleeveless pet hoodie. Same great quality and comfort. But what I’m so pleased with is the smaller size of pouch. My little 2lb Chihuahua could not see out of my original hoodie pouch. This pouch is 2” less in depth which means she can comfortably see out. There is still the same width so when she just wants to snooze she has plenty of room. So many features of the pet hoodies continue to be so practical-the lining that unzips for cleaning, the buttons that support the pouch contents. I just love these products!! Thank you Muskoka Pooch for making my precious pup a part of my day!

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